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BabySoft 2-Ply 9-Pack (Virgin)

BabySoft 2-Ply 9-Pack (Virgin)

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Introducing Baby Soft 2Ply Toilet Tissue 1X9, the perfect solution for your baby's gentle needs.


  • Gentle and soft for delicate skin
  • 2-ply for added strength and durability
  • Absorbent and reliable for mess-free diaper changes
  • Convenient pack size of 1X9 for on-the-go use

Our Baby Soft 2Ply Toilet Tissue 1X9 ensures a comfortable and safe experience for your little one. Made with ultra-soft material, it provides maximum comfort while being gentle on delicate skin. The 2-ply design ensures strength and durability, making it perfect for handling any mess. With its absorbency and reliability, you can trust this toilet tissue for diaper changes anytime, anywhere. The convenient pack size of 1X9 makes it easy to carry and use on-the-go. Choose Baby Soft for a happy and fuss-free diaper changing experience.

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