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Sana Mega

Chapa Mandashi Baking Powder (100g)

Chapa Mandashi Baking Powder (100g)

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Introducing Chapa Mandashi Baking Powder 100g, the perfect ingredient for all your baking needs.


  • Quick and consistent rising
  • Enhances texture and flavor
  • Perfect for cakes, breads, and pastries
  • 100g packaging for convenience

Experience the joy of baking with Chapa Mandashi Baking Powder. Its quick and consistent rising power ensures your baked goods turn out light and fluffy every time. It enhances the texture and flavor, making your cakes, breads, and pastries absolutely delectable. The convenient 100g packaging ensures you always have enough on hand for all your baking adventures. Elevate your baking with Chapa Mandashi Baking Powder!

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