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Colgate ToothBrush Double Action (2s)

Colgate ToothBrush Double Action (2s)

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Introducing the Colgate T/B Double Action 1x2, an innovative toothbrush that provides double the cleaning power.


  • Double the cleaning power
  • Effective plaque removal
  • Gentle on gums
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling

Experience a new level of dental hygiene with the Colgate T/B Double Action 1x2. This toothbrush is equipped with double the cleaning power to effectively remove plaque and bacteria, ensuring a thorough clean every time. The gentle bristles are designed to be soft on gums while still providing effective cleaning action. With its ergonomic design, the toothbrush is comfortable to hold and maneuver. Take care of your oral health with the Colgate T/B Double Action 1x2.

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