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Elmaleka Spaghetti (400g)

Elmaleka Spaghetti (400g)

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Introducing Elmaleka Spaghetti 400g, the perfect pasta for your Italian-inspired dishes.


  • High-quality durum semolina
  • Rich, authentic Italian taste
  • Cooks to a perfect al dente texture
  • 400g pack for convenient portioning

Experience the true flavors of Italy with Elmaleka Spaghetti 400g. Made from high-quality durum semolina, this pasta delivers an authentic Italian taste that will elevate your dishes. It cooks to a perfect al dente texture, ensuring a satisfying bite with every bite. With its 400g pack size, it's easy to portion for any culinary creation. Elevate your pasta dishes with Elmaleka Spaghetti 400g and savor the taste of Italy.

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