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J&J Baby Powder (500g)

J&J Baby Powder (500g)

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Introducing J&J 500g Baby Powder, perfect for soothing and keeping your baby's delicate skin dry.


  • Gentle and safe for babies' skin
  • Helps to prevent diaper rash
  • Provides long-lasting freshness
  • Easy to apply and leaves no residue

Keep your baby comfortable and happy with J&J 500g Baby Powder. Made with the utmost care and consideration for your little one's delicate skin, our powder is a trusted choice among parents. Its gentle formula helps to prevent diaper rash while providing long-lasting freshness. The easy-to-apply powder is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue, making it perfect for daily use. Choose J&J 500g Baby Powder and give your baby the love and care they deserve.

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