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Sana Mega

Maq Hand Washing Powder (1Kg)

Maq Hand Washing Powder (1Kg)

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Introducing Maq Hand Washing Powder (1Kg), a powerful detergent for clean and fresh laundry every time.


  • Deeply cleans and removes tough stains
  • Leaves clothes smelling fresh and fragrant
  • Gentle on hands, suitable for hand washing
  • Concentrated formula for long-lasting use

Experience the superior cleaning power of Maq Hand Washing Powder. Its advanced formula effectively removes dirt, grime, and stubborn stains, leaving your clothes looking their best. With a pleasant fragrance, your laundry will smell fresh and clean all day. The gentle formula is specially designed for hand washing, ensuring your hands stay soft and moisturized. Get outstanding results and enjoy the long-lasting use with the concentrated formula. Upgrade your laundry routine with Maq Hand Washing Powder today.

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