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Total Motor Oil SF-CD SAE 40 (5Ltr)

Total Motor Oil SF-CD SAE 40 (5Ltr)

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Introducing Total Motor Oil SF-CD SAE 40 5Ltrs, the ultimate solution for your engine lubrication needs.


  • High-performance formula for optimum engine protection
  • Enhanced viscosity to prevent wear and tear
  • Resists oxidation and reduces sludge formation
  • Provides smooth and efficient engine performance

Upgrade your engine's performance with Total Motor Oil SF-CD SAE 40 5Ltrs. Designed to deliver exceptional lubrication and protection, this oil ensures longevity and efficiency for your vehicle. With its advanced formula, it prevents wear and tear, reduces sludge formation, and provides smooth and efficient engine performance. Trust Total Motor Oil SF-CD SAE 40 5Ltrs to keep your engine running smoothly for miles to come.

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